Who is ZeBitcoin ?

ZeBitcoin is a French start-up Française launched in 2016 which makes it possible to buy bitcoins in a simple and fast way.

Why do you ask for a phone number, ID and selfie?

Depending on your payment method, your purchase volume and other parameters, we must verify that you are the owner of the payment, our service adheres to the principles of customer knowledge, fight against money laundering and bank fraud.

How long do you have to check my account?

Fill in the form by clicking on the link received in the registration e-mail and your account will be checked in less than 12 hours 7/7 (average time in the day: - 2 hours)

What wallet or purse do you advise me?

We recommend a hardware wallet such as ledger Wallet for maximum security, greenadress.it if you want a free secure solution on your browser (enable double authentication for more security)

What is your price for 1 Bitcoin?

The crypto-currencies do not have legal tender, so there are differences in price depending on each broker or platform, our price for 1 Bitcoin is displayed on our site. Depending on your payment, we will deduct a percentage of the amount to be paid off.

How long do you put in sending digital currencies?

If you opt for an instant payment method your first delivery will be checked and will take less than 12 hours, then your next deliveries will be processed instantly, for payment by money order or wire transfer the delay is approximately 24 - 48h business day for receipt of payment.

I ordered by bank wire or money order and I received less bitcoins than expected, why?

For payment methods with receipt of deferred funds such as bank transfer or money order, you will receive more or less than the indicated price at the time of the trade because the bitcoin price is determined at the time of receipt of the funds .Example: If the bitcoin loses -3% you receive + 3% if it increases by 3% you will receive -3%